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Improve accessibility for maintenance, the ability to see wear points, better positioning visually, troubleshooting, and most important… improved tension and positioning!

These systems for your feed table and Planer provide a very low but consistent tension that keeps the boards traveling smoothly without slipping or hesitating. The Cobra system provides accurate positioning, constant tension, even with high variations in lumber thickness, using specially designed cylinders, accumulators, and adjustable pressure controls. The Cobra Tension Position system takes the harsh “banging” out of the operation and makes the whole system much smoother.

The End Result is… better production, fewer breakups, longer service life, and a planer to be proud of. The bottom line is better performance and more up-time.

Feed Table Electric Drive
Feedtable Positioning And Tension System
Stetson Ross Upgrade
Stetson Ross Upgrade
Feed Table Electric DriveFeedtable Positioning And Tension SystemStetson Ross UpgradeStetson Ross Upgrade

Benefits of Cobra Tension Position Systems:

  • Improves the production
  • Provides a constant tension
  • Reduces shock and abuse
  • Re-positions Cylinders to a better location
  • Eliminates high maintenance areas
  • Easy to maintain
  • Proven Product

Contact us to see how our tension position systems can help you improve production

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