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We match the spiral lead of the bedrolls to the pineapples, which causes the two to work together efficiently. Our spiral lead continues the length of the bed roll ensuring better contact between the board and fence.

We offer many different designs from 6”OD up to 16”OD including knurling the section of the spiral under the pineapple. This helps increase production due to better traction. For the mills with specialty products, we have sandblasted and smooth surfaces. All our rolls are sandblasted before chroming, this process gives us a surface that chrome bonds better to and can give you a longer life.

Bed Roll
Bed Roll
Custom Designed Bed Rolls
Bed RollCustom Designed Bed Rolls

Benefits of Cobra Spiral Bed Rolls:

  • Smoother Feed (special spiral Lead)
  • Improved life (longer use out of the bed rolls)
  • Higher quality & improved chroming (Sandblasting gives the rolls better bonding surface along with more surface area to bond too)
  • Designed for extreme shock and temperature
  • Proven Product

Contact us to see how our spiral bed rolls can help you improve performance

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