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Making your Planer Mill more efficient


There is always room for improvements

We do upgrades for Stetson Ross, Newman, Coastal, Yates, Gilbert, and USNR equipment. We work closely with mills who want more for their performance.

Repairs and Rebuilds

We help you save costs

Not only do we build new, we help you save costs by repairing and rebuilding feed-table and planer components, sawmill rolls, and parts.


Run your planer mill more efficiently

Cobra Tech consultants can do an overall inspection of your planer equipment, asses how the mill operators run the equipment, then provide recommendations to help increase production.

Cobra Technical Services Products

Our products are helping companies across the USA, Canada, and South America improve their feed table and planer performance.


Planer Pineapple Roll
Planer Pineapple Roll

Our pineapples are specifically designed for the type of lumber and system in your mill. They come sand blasted or smooth, with hardened chrome plating.

Custom Designed Bed Rolls
Custom Designed Bed Rolls

Cobra has used high speed cameras to study different bed rolls and pineapples to bring a better understanding than most. The lead of our bed rolls match the lead of our pineapples, this gives them the ability to work and pull the board together.

Gilbert Planer Out Feed Rolls
Planer Drive Rolls

All Cobra Bed rolls  “Feed Roll” have the hubs heat shrunk in. This is done so the two opposing pieces of steel can accept variations in temperature without braking welds.

Hydraulic Drive Planer Power Units
Hydraulic Drive System

We offer the best hydraulic drive system for planers and feed tables. Our design has come from over 40 years of experience with hydraulics and planer mills. It was designed for performance and a longer component life by using top of the line products and eliminating flow dividers.

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