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Designed to improve the performance of your feed table

We have done this by paying special attention to width of lead, degree of spiral lead, and by machining our spiral lead into the knurl so it has a very smooth transition. In order to meet and exceed different industry needs we offer three different profiles along with customs.


Repairs & Rebuilds

Higher quality and improved chroming

All Cobra Bed rolls  “Feed Roll” have the hubs heat shrunk in. This is done so the two opposing pieces of steel can accept variations in temperature without braking welds. We commonly use 13.5  to 15.5 knurl on our Bed rolls along with special machined custom knurls for planers running specialty products.

rebuilt coastal feed table by Cobra Tech


Increase up-time and performance on feed tables

We match the spiral lead of the bed rolls to the pineapples, which causes the two to work together efficiently. Our spiral lead continues the length of the bed roll insuring better contact between the board and fence. The efficiency of your Feed Table will be increased due to our special sandblasting process.

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