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The Cobra electric or hydraulic powered shear for your Feed Table System is designed to help make up the thousands of second which are being lost when a board travels from the shear to the fence. The longer it takes a board to travel this short distance, the more it forces the operator to run the feed table a higher speed ratio than the planer. This causes a long list of additional problems, like double ups, hang-ups, and break-ups.

Other advantage using a Cobra Powered Shear makes the job of the feeder-man easier, increases the efficiency of the whole feed-table and makes the mill more profitable! For more information contact us!

Powered Shears
Powered Shears

Benefits of Cobra Powered Shears:

  • ‚ÄčIncreased production
  • Reduces gap between boards
  • Improves repeatability
  • Minimizes the amount of damaged ends
  • Relieves hesitation due to boards pinching against the shear
  • Option of Hydraulic or Electric Drive

Contact us to see how our powered shears can help you improve repeatability

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