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The Cobra Pineapple was designed to improve the performance of your feed table. We have done this by paying special attention to the width of lead, the degree of spiral lead, and by machining our spiral lead into flat are of the knurl, so it has a very smooth transition.

We make many different designs so we can provide the best pineapple for the specific needs of each mill. We offer 6”OD up to 16”OD pineapples with a choice of 11.5, 13.5 and 15.5 knurls. For mills running specialty products, we offer a smooth or sandblasted surface. Pineapples are sandblasted before chroming which provides a surface that chrome bonds better to. It also adds to the performance along with an extended life compared to other manufacturers. Cobra pineapples alone have improved production by 18% in some mills.

Planer Pineapple Roll
Planer Pineapple Roll
Feedtable Pineapples
Gilbert Planer 2011
Newest Pineapple
Planer Pineapple RollFeedtable PineapplesGilbert Planer 2011Newest Pineapple

Benefits of Cobra Pineapples:

  • Increased production
  • Superior lumber control
  • Slower feed-table speeds
  • Better butting control
  • Less harm to wood fibers
  • Sandblasted hardened chrome finish
  • Smooth lead to knurl transition
  • Improved life (longer use out of the pineapples)
  • Three different designs

Contact us to see how our pineapples can help you improve performance

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